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Truth Behind Home Inspection

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When you decide to purchase or sell a property, whether it is online or through a network of friends or family, one of the most fundamental steps is conducting a thorough home inspection.

Home inspections need to be conducted by a professional that will fully comply with real estate laws and regulations.

It is a home inspector’s responsibility to create a detailed report of the property that allows potential buyers to assess it, without having to visit themselves.

Be present for the inspection

Many individuals fail to acknowledge that home inspectors can help property owners discover damage and other issues that can be rectified. When you hire a professional home inspection service, it is absolutely crucial that you monitor it when it takes place. Delegating this off to a real estate agent may be what many individuals do, but if you do not have a close relationship with your agent, you may be taking on increased risk. Supervising the home inspection process, and understanding how the inspection is performed, will give you a good idea of what you can do to improve the property, as a homeowner.

Do your own research

While it goes without saying that when you hire a professional home inspection service, you should check all qualifications and credentials, it is also important to conduct your own research regarding companies. Qualifications are important, but so is experience. Asking friends and family whether they know any reliable companies, or checking ratings online will hold you in good stead, as you begin searching for a home inspection service. The knowledge of your home inspector should also be relevant to the neighborhood or region in which your property is located.

Calculate repairs

Once a home inspection is complete, it may be beneficial to keep a detailed record of all the damages that the property has sustained. If you are looking to sell your property, this list will help you calculate the total repair costs, and the kind of value you will add to it when repairs are performed. This is equally important if you are looking to purchase property. Repair expenditure must be factored into the overall price of the property. Once you have identified what repairs are to be made, you can use the home inspection service or your real estate agent, to negotiate lower rates with home maintenance and repair costs.

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    Resi Inspect founder Jeffrey Halpin has been a quality licensed builder for over 30 years. 

    Over 10 years ago, Jeffrey  felt it was wrong for builders to provide reports as well as quote for works to be done as it showed a conflict of interest so he became an independent Inspection Report provider.

    Jeffrey’s diligence has led him to attain several other certifications for the company so that all  major aspects related to buying, selling or renovating a home or building required reports are professionally covered.

    Resi Inspect have over 35 year experience and will not compromise their high quality ethics & services standards to their clients.

    Resi Inspect also understand that some clients may not fully understand the reports so we provide an explanatory client explanation session free.  Some clients find it difficult to relate the outcomes of the reports  to their banks or solicitors so we can assist further if required.

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