Dilapidation Reports/Existing Conditions Surveys.

In these building inspections, the condition of each adjoining property is documented before you begin the building works. Councils may also request a survey covering areas beyond the building site, such as footpaths, kerbs, and roads. You will need to repair any damage to these areas that might result from your project.  Each report provides a written and photographic record of any existing cracking or deterioration, so you have a benchmark against which to gauge any changes. The Existing Conditions Reports should be agreed upon and signed by all affected parties before building work commences. A final inspection once the works have been completed so that any variations can be identified

These reports will satisfy the conditions for the DA approval. Reduces the developers/Builders claimed damage risk by adjacent owners. Records the damage of adjacent property/structure prior to construction works. This reduces the risk of claims against damage and expensive litigation on completion of works. Provides the adjoining neighbours with an independent report identifying issues with their property that they may be unknown by that owner.

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