Pre Sale Building Report

Pre-Sale (vendor) Building Report is a report obtained before you sell a property. By having a professional, independent inspection before you go out to the market, you can find out any issues that require attention. That way, you can address the problems early and not hold up a potential sale. Astute vendors will get a building report on the property they are selling so they can give it to interested buyers. All accessible areas are inspected, such as roof voids, subfloors, the internal living areas, and all external areas of the property including out-buildings (granny flats, studios etc.), garages, fences, trees, and retaining walls. Inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349. Then you can obtain specialist advice about the defects, their impact on the property and potential costs to rectify the problems.

Having a Vendor Report can put you in the box seat in any price negotiations. You can be confident you know the condition of your property, and there are no surprises that can upset the sale negotiations.

We are able to liaise with your solicitor, real estate agent and the vendor on your behalf to assist in a hassle free purchase.

 Pre Sale Building Report Lithgow