New House Construction Inspections

Building a new house can be an exciting experience when you know what is going on and you are confident of the outcome. Having an experienced independent property inspector, with a building background, can be invaluable to help you through the process. Not only will you have a knowledgeable eye on the project at critical construction stages, but you will also have someone who can explain the process to you in easy terms. In addition, if things do go wrong, your inspector can also act as an advocate to assist you with any disputes that might arise with your builder. We provide a series of independent building inspections covering the key stages of a new house construction. You can engage us for any one of these inspections or for the full series. The stages usually include:

  • Footings/Slab 
  • Frame Stage 
  • Lockup/Pre-Plaster 
  • Fix Out Stage 
  • Final Handover.  

These stages coincide with the progress payment schedule, so you can be assured that progress is occurring satisfactorily and at the same time, avoid payment disputes during construction. We will provide you with an inspection report that itemises the key elements assessed by our inspector, and includes relevant photos as a record.

When building a new home there is much to think about. We have put together a handy free checklist to help make the process a little smoother..

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