Timber Pest Inspections

A Timber Pest Inspection report is essential when purchasing a house - it could save you thousands! In unexpected repairs, Inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.3. This inspection differs from a standard termite inspection as it covers fungal decay and borers in more detail along with termites. All accessible areas are inspected, such as roof voids, subfloors, the internal living areas, and all external areas of the property including out-buildings (granny flats, studios etc.), garages, fences, trees, stumps, landscaping timber and retaining walls. A report is compiled highlighting any timber pest activity or damage found. It will also make reference to conditions that make your home more favourable to timber pest’s e.g. poor drainage, plumbing leaks, untreated garden timbers, untreated landscaping timbers etc.

It may also include any treatment recommendations and signs of previous treatments. Depending on the construction, type of the home a more invasive inspection is available and may be recommended. 

We are able to liaise with your solicitor, real estate agent and the vendor on your behalf to assist in a hassle free purchase.


 Orange Timber Pest Inspections